Product Management Fundamentals for Bubble/No-Code Devs and Entrepreneurs


Are you a Bubble / No Code Developer or Entrepreneur? Learn the basics of Product Management that will allow you to design, develop and consistently provide VALUABLE professional looking product to your customers.

Just because Bubble/NoCode is 8 times faster than traditional development doesn’t mean that you don’t need to build valuable product.


Learn how to:

1. Understand your users problems with user research;

2. Prioritise features as nice to haves vs can’t live without;

3. Create clear success metrics for your product (including your North Star metric);

4. Create a prototype to test and iterate with your users;

5. Understand what a design system is and how you can use it to create consistent product; and

6. Run usability testing to ensure you are shipping high quality product.

This course also comes with one 30-minute product coaching session where you can ask Dave questions via videos.


About the Instructor



Dave McManus is a product manager turned Bubble Developer. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies through to early stage startups (including starting his own!). A former General Assembly Product Management instructor Dave has taught over 300 students from companies like Google, Facebook, Instacart, Microsoft and many others. 



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Instructor : David McManus
Duration : 4 hours on demand video + 30-minute live AMA
Price : 100 AUD