Software Development Fundamentals



Ever wished you knew more about software development so you could have more of an opinion on important product topics? Well wait no longer, this course is for you!

Learn the fundamentals of software development, so that you can have more informed and productive conversations with your software developers and wider product teams.

In this course you will build a fully functioning web app (Spotify), and through doing this you will learn the key elements of how an application functions and is built. You will also learn the key workflows of developers and how you can make their lives easier and more efficient on product builds.


Who is this course for?

Those not from a development background and aspiring to increase their technical knowledge in the product space such as: product designers, product managers consultants and product owners.


Learn how to:

1 . How software products work from a systems level view

2. What a design library is and why is it valuable to create fast and repeatable product for developers

3. The differences between front end and back end and how they work together

4. What a data base is and how to structure one

5. Why API’s are important and some common use cases for them

6. Understand how API’s, databases and front ends work together to create cohesive user experiences

This course also comes with 30 minutes worth of AMA asynchronous product coaching (using a video tool called Loom).


About the Instructor



Dave McManus is a product manager turned Bubble Developer. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies through to early stage startups (including starting his own!). A former General Assembly Product Management instructor Dave has taught over 300 students from companies like Google, Facebook, Instacart, Microsoft and many others.



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Instructor : David McManus
Duration : 1 day / 8 hours
Price : 850 AUD