Grant Tracker


Grant Tracker is a tool for non profits, startups and sporting clubs that are searching for grants that can help fund their organisation. It provides personalised recommendations and project management tools.

Our Role

We created a responsive web application along with a web scraper and a data processing pipeline to normalise aggregated data. See above for features provided.

  • The tool aggregates all grants into one central location, and personalises the users search based on their unique profile.

  • Grant Tracker allows teams to favourite grants, and then start working on a grant submission within the tool. It provides project management tools including ‘to do Kan Ban board’ along with the ability to edit a word document.

  • The tool also tracks grant submissions and provides valuable data within a dsahboard so that users can optimise their future applications.



High level database structure:


Data Tranformation

The team used Parabola to clean up our grants data that we scraped. Below is the workflow that we built to clean up the data.

Screen+Shot+2021-07-11+at+8.53.18+AM (1)



Ability for users to communicate with each other.Screen+Shot+2022-07-07+at+5.26.06+PM