How to find a technical cofounder

So you have a business idea and you’re thinking about launching a software (or hardware) company. But you have a big problem, you don’t know how to code. Now you’re at the stage where you need to find a developer to bring on as a cofounder and most likely hand over 50% of your company.

I’ve been there! I previously founded a healthcare company and I found a technical cofounder, a senior engineer and engineers overseas. And i’ll be honest with you - it was really difficult! I spent so much time trying to convince engineers to get onboard with my idea, that if I had of been building and selling it I would have made it further in a shorter amount of time.

If I were to do things again, this is how I would approach it:

  1. Do you even need a technical cofounder? Unless you’re building something with specific data requirements (healthcare or fin tech) or a super technical product, then chances are you can do it all with a No Code tool. I would highly recommend you read this article about No Code tools you can use to ‘BIY - Build It Yourself’.

  2. If indeed you do need someone technical. Then here are a few tips I have to find someone.

    1. Tap your network. Look at anyone you know who might be a software developer or knows software developers. Ask them if they’re interested in building a project together.

    2. Make sure you allow them some ownership of the project. Developers are creative too in their own way, don’t tell them I want you to build exactly this. Give them some requirements and an idea of what you’re selling. Really sell them on the vision of what your product can do, who it will help and what the financial outcomes if you can be successful.

    3. Sites like: Angel List, are helpful in getting introductions to developers. Remember they probably get these requests every week. So be respectful with their time, and make sure you get straight to the point.

  3. Another option is to find a technical advisor to help you guide the architecture and then to hire a developer offshore. I worked closely with who are based in Bosnia and found them to be a great company. However working with outsourced developers comes with it’s own set of challenges which i’ll detail in another article.

If you do bring on an advisor, this agreement is a good one to use and is very standard across the industry, Founders Institute agreement.

I hope this article helps you! If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.


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