No Code Product: How to build a mapping app with no code

Are you a founder or someone looking for a developer? Are you finding it difficult to get your project off the ground because you 1. Can’t find a developer or 2. Can’t afford to pay for a developer?

The beauty of no code tools like is that you don’t need to code. With Glide Apps specifically their database is a Google Sheet. You’re probably thinking - how the hell does that work? (That’s what I was thinking when I first discovered it :D). When you dig into it Google Sheets are very similar to relational databases, they have ‘Tables aka sheets’, they have functions and they can be manipulated with code.

But the real beauty of this product is that most people can operate a Google Sheet. You don’t need to know how to code, it’s free and it’s fairly well adopted. Which means it’s the perfect vehicle to learn more about how products work, some basic principles around software and you can quickly prototype solutions.

This app was built in 1 hour. This sounds crazy - but with the simple interface and the Google Sheet it’s really easy to get your ideas out the door.

I’ve built a basic app below which helps you to track and tag edible plants across the city (right now that city happens to be San Francisco).

So what are you waiting for? Get prototyping!




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