No Code Product: How to build a plant tracking app

So say you have an idea, but you don’t code and you can’t afford to pay a developer? For me that’s happened a bunch of times. And although I can do some basic front end coding I can’t really build anything.

Introducing #NoCode apps. No Code means exactly that there’s no code it’s all drag and drop. Very smart people have developed ways for non-developers to build products using ‘drag and drop’ and database logic. Essentially most things that were done manually by code can be done via an interview.

I guess a few things to clarify. This means that the pool of people who can create software is starting to open up, it’s not just developers anymore who can build software products. If you know how a Google Sheet works then you should be good to get started. I’ll be covering some of the basic software engineering principles in future blog articles.

Here’s a hobby product I build called ‘Joe Plant’. Joe Plant helps you pick the right things to plant in your garden and helps you collaborate with other gardeners.





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